Insurance Information

Our office makes every effort to provide you with the finest care and the most convenient financial options. To accomplish this, our office will submit, at no additional cost, claims and predeterminations on your behalf to all PPO plans with most insurance companies.

We are considered to be in-network providers with Delta Dental; however, we only participate in their Premier plans. We will gladly accept direct payment from most PPO plans, even if we are not in-network.

Because each insurance plan has different benefits, there are times when the recommended treatment may not always be covered by your dental insurance, even if we participate in the plan. If you would like to know your exact coinsurance/responsibility, we may submit a predetermination to your insurance. In many cases, insurance processing may take up to four weeks. This may delay treatment, but we will happily provide you with this service.

If you have concerns regarding your exact coverage please contact your insurance company. Estimated deductibles and copays are expected at time services are rendered.

You may contact our staff with any other problems or questions you may have; they are always ready to help and may be contacted by phone at (847) 498-1595.